We hope this page answer the most common questions prospective customers might have. If you do have question not listed then Email us at leaverealityuk@gmail.com

My Website is Down
If we have built your site and its within the 1 year of support then weather the site is hosted with us or a third party we will try and give support on getting the site back online, we also keep backups so if there any data lose we can usually restore the site to the time of it being first launched. if the site is hosted by a third party after the 1 year period its advisable to get in touch with your chosen hosts provider and see what the issue is, again if a digital copy of the site is required then this will be provided even after 1 year period free of charge.

Download limits on Games/Apps/Digital items?
None, when you purchase a game/app/digital item you can download it as many times as you like, please however do not share purchase items.

Apps or Games Does Not work!?
All applications and games should contain a read me with trouble shooting tips and help on how to install/use the program and what requirements are, if you require further help then just get in touch leaverealityuk@gmail.com

Not happy with the provided web site design? Refund or Refusal of Final Payment
When we take on a website project we require a down payment listed on this website, this is non refundable after 24hr, this is due to after this time peroid work has usually began on the website and time and effort has been made to produce your website. At completion it is expected for a final agree payment of the work, if you are unhappy with the work, we do are best to work with the client to get a website that you expect and willing to re-work or redesign the site within reason. If the client is still unhappy then the final website will not be handed over to you until final payment. If art work or designs are used or found to be used after non payment then we may pursue payment for stolen work.

What’s your return policy?
Physical items are covered by a 30 Day return no hassle refund. After that date refund will not be given unless reason can given and each will be reviewed.

Digital items will have a 24hr Refund period no hassle. After that time, no refund is given. However it may be given on a case by case bases.

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?
No, we are a UK base

Do you have a Phone no. for contact

Yes but its only provided to paid Clients and is not shared online, this is to cut down spam phone calls.