Based on the once popular Who wants to be an Millionaire quiz game show this is my Amiga themed version. Sixteen Amiga themed questions you have to get right to become a true AmigaN, complete with Ask Audience and 50/50 help buttons. This was a very short quiz game made in Scala M300, a program similar to PowerPoint and the graphics where done on Personal Paint 7.1.

Features:- 16 Amiga based Questions, 50:50 Chance, Ask the Computer

Requirements: Amiga or Emulator (WinUAE), A1200, 68020, 1mb Ram, Workbench 3.0, Scala Player.

Made: Some time 1998 and around 80% complete, some spelling errors and some questions may be slightly dated, and so the answers may have changed.

Download from Aminet as part of 4 game collection.


Part of the AmigaNG Classic Collection package

Released for Free

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