Quiz program based on the famous who wants to be a Millionaire game show..

Features:- 15 Amiga themed questions, who wants to be millionaire cover music and gameplay style, 50:50 option.

Requirements :- AmigaOS 4.1, 1280 by 700 Resolution is recommended, Wiindows Xp or higher

Made :- October 2012

Version 1.3 Features :-

  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire inspired game
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire cover music,
  • 50 :50 option (removes two wrong answers),
  • 15 Amiga related Questions
  • Select from 4 choices
  • Scalable Program
  • Fixed Question 15, Draw Icons and other small change
  • Download here

Version 1.3Full Version Includes

  • Aros, MorphOS, WarpOS, Windows 86x, Mac 86x, Linux 86x, Applet Versions
  • Source Files (hwa) For Hollywood 5 & Designer 4
  • Learn how the program was made (very simple)
  • Untested on all above systems
  • Buy this version here

Download the AmigaOs4 version free here

BUY the full version here