While I was working on AmigaNG website I have had a bit of a nostalgia for old humble magazine, I do miss Amiga Format coming though my door every month, I also thought there not really a central source (at least in magazine format) that just looks and reviews each of the Amiga Next Generation efforts and that may give you the top tips or top apps for say AmigaOS4 or Aros etc. So I started an idea of putting a magazine together.

This is planned to be a one off special magazine like the ones we use to see Amiga Format do, they would do a kind of a round up of everything going on in the Amiga world that year and compile it in to one mag. The attempt is to basically do a round up of the Amiga NG world for the past 20 years.

I hope to make it at least 40 A4 pages, PDF will be £1 and may do either a kickstarter or indieGoGo campaign for a limited print / physical copy just so i know the amount I would need to produce, this would not be to get the magazine made, just for the physical copy, this would only be started once the magazine is complete.

Below is a sceenshot of the planned content of the magazine, there still a lot to do and the magazine is still early stages.

Partly due to Covid and other life stuff getting in the way not as much progress has been made as I hoped by now.

The project is currently on hold and no release date is planned, I will update you opn the project at the end of the year as to weather it will still happen or just get released maybe free as is by then.