Yes we are still here, sorry for the lack of updates, kinda been a bit a haze and not getting down to the basic and back into productive, well finally I think Im firing up the engine again and hopefully you see more update, on with the main news.

WEBSITE :  MikitaWoodCrafts :- is a gift company that is based in Wales and has been operating since 2013. There specialty lies in manufacturing hand carved wood with personalized text made from wood that can be gifted for a wide range of occasions, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more.

The Website was built with WordPress & WooCommerce and is a simple site for there needs.

APP : Ami500 :- Basically I looked a the A500 mini Interface and suddenly thought I could most likely make that on Hollywood Designer and even had visions of making a Pre-Config Workbench environment that would load up and take you straight into the App and so it would feel very much like the A500 mini, but it be all running on Amiga Desktop! this is the Proof of Concept App Designed For Amikit XE Windows!!!!! (wont work on Pi version and untested on other system) Fast Amiga / Emulated environment required WHDLoad & WBRun Required Hollywood Player Maybe

Download here (29mb)

VIDEO : Bike Rides :- Recently got a GoPro 8 and started to film some of my bike rides I take. They wil be posted on my personal Youtube channel.

Watch them Here

UPDATES : updated this site WordPress and created new backup, same with all the website we run, Recently updated SSL and Renewed Domain Names and contracts with Clients. Looking into maybe changing Webhosts. Thanks for reading.