• Windows Version
  • LionGUI - Raspberry Pi & Windows Version
  • Beta version (intended Raspberry Pi Version, See Below for Details)
  • Save the Page your on, so next load up it will take you there
  • Built in Google Search
  • 12 Quick Rabbit Hole Apps
  • 32 Internet Links to Popular & Useful Web Site (Open with either the Host Bowser or Amiga Browser)
  • Power Icons (quickly shutdown your computer from Amikit)
  • Get to the Amiga Games faster (iGame and WHDload quick links)
  • AmigaNG made Wallpapers (30+ Full 1080p HD high quality Wallpapers)
  • Web Icons (6 premade high quality web icons for quick opening to site)
  • Source Code (Hollywood files)
  • Designed for Amikit XE Only.

Basically a nice front end GUI for quickly accessing Rabbit Hole apps and Web site links with some high quality wallpaper backgrounds to add to the app.

The App will be made Free and Open Source on 2-2-22 for now please consider supporting me. 🙂

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