• Freeware
  • Windows & Raspberry Pi Version Designed for Amikit XE
  • LionGUI - Raspberry Pi & Windows Version
  • Save the Page your on, so next load up it will take you there
  • Built in Google Search
  • 12 Quick Rabbit Hole Apps
  • 32 Internet Links to Popular & Useful Web Site (Open with either the Host Bowser or Amiga Browser)
  • Power Icons (quickly shutdown your computer from Amikit)
  • Get to the Amiga Games faster (iGame and WHDload quick links)
  • Web Icons (6 premade high quality web icons for quick opening to site)
  • Source Code (Hollywood files)
  • Designed for Amikit XE Only.

Basically a nice front end GUI for quickly accessing Rabbit Hole apps and Web site links with some high quality wallpaper backgrounds to add to the app.

Freeware: - 6.4mb

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