A Hollywood app designed for AmigaOS4 owners, this is AmiPad. Basically I realized that a lot of these socalled apps on these tablets devices are just web site powered apps with fancy icons, so that started me think what useful HMTL5 apps and web site could i find that work on Amiga web browsers, so here it is.

3.1 Final Edition Features

  • Released 1st Dec 2018
  • AmigaOS4, and now Windows, Mac, Linux, Aros, MorphOs, Classic version (untested on some systems)
  • Hollywood Developed App
  • New Setting mode, change and save Backgrounds and Border Design!
  • Quick right click scroll navigation through the web apps
  • White, Black, Amiga and new Space Gray Notch style Border Design
  • Information / about bar
  • New Easter Eggs to find
  • iPad inspired design and animation
  • New and improved graphics from icons to backgrounds
  • 52+ Quick Internet links
  • Useful and Fun HTML5 powered apps
  • Original Hollywood files
  • Updated Weblinks v2  included (more new links and some icons updated)
  • Free

Amiga Requirements:- AmigaOS 4.1, OpenURL lib, OWB 1.9, Timberwolf RC1, or Odyssey 1.23

Other version:- Untested on other system

Find it on Aminet / Os4depot

Previous version AmiPad 3.0 is available free on OS4, Click Here, to download, hosted on OS4depot.

Support Forum

Offical forum for support and disscussion of the app on amigaworld.net click here for more.


AmiPad 3.0 Promo vid

AmiPad 2.0 Promo vid

AmiPad 1.0 Promo Vid

Pervious Features

Version 1

  • Released 29th June 2012
  • AmigaOS4 only
  • iPad inspired design and animation
  • 36 Quick Internet links
  • Useful and Fun HTML5 powered apps
  • Released 3rd August 2012
  • Free

Version 2

  • Released 3rd August 2012
  • AmigaOS4 only
  • FIXED black out flicking when in use
  • Handy quick right click scroll through the web apps
  • White border Design added
  • Information / about bar
  • New and improved Icons (by TommySammy)
  • Free

Version 3

  • Released 23rd November 2012
  • AmigaOS4 only
  • IMPROVED graphic icons
  • Sub Folder added
  • 16 Quick Internet links added (52 total)
  • Amiga style border Design added
  • New Background gfx
  • New Background change ability
  • More Information and about bar text added
  • much improved read me file
  • Free
  • Download Here (hosted on os4depot)

Some Icons and images used are from various third party sources, no harm or copyright infringement to images or trademarks are intended and will be removed if requested.

All logo and trademark names used are copyrighted to their respected owner