So 2020 might not be a great year, Coronavirus has put a big spanner in everyone’s plans, we at Leave Reality Studio shouldn’t be too impacted due to most of our work being online / digital but still the economy hit of this might have a knock on effect. We would just like to wish everyone the best to get through this.

All our project are about a month or two behind due to this mess, but upcoming projects are

Life Skills 2U – New website being worked on for client (mid May)

AmigaNG Magazine – One off mag about the next generation of Amiga, 20 to 70pages, currently very early stages, due for June/July 2020

Under Fire / Under Cover Remaster – After the magazine a game based on my Flashback clone years ago. Due for the end of 2020

AmigaNG Youtube Videos – One a month of various Amiga related projects.

Other Youtube/platforms videos -maybe a live stream or two?