The final edition of AmiPad app will be launching soon, 3.1 will feature:-

  • Hollywood Developed App
  • New Setting mode, change and save Backgrounds and Border Design!
  • Quick right click scroll navigation through the web apps
  • White, Black, Amiga and new Space Gray Notch style Border Design
  • Information / about bariPad inspired design and animation
  • New and improved graphics from icons to backgrounds
  • 52+ Quick Internet links
  • Useful and Fun HTML5 powered apps
  • New Windows, Mac, Linux, Aros, MorphOs, Classic version
  • Original Hollywood files
  • Just £1!!! (will be made free and open source either on 1 year anniversary or when reach £100 income)
  • Updated Weblinks app included (more new links and some icons updated)

Due: Dec 2018